Top Ten Reasons Why Video Platforms Fail

(via the DemBot blog)

Top ten reasons why video platforms fail:

1. Insubstantial library of content
2. Poor bit rates
3. Lack of innovation (clone platform)
4. No share in content ownership rights
5. No exclusivity of content distribution
6. Lack of spark/spirit for a centralized community
7. Need for users to download proprietary software
8. Awkward interface design
9. Overly excessive emphasis on rights protection
10. Lack of technological foresight & audience expectations

What it means: I think some of these apply to many new online ventures. Lack of content, lack of innovation and bad interface design are clearly three elements that might sink your nascent business. I would add that you need to have a decentralization/syndication/atomization mechanism in place in order to be truly successful in any new Web venture.


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