Streetadvisor: a New Hyperlocal Site

Just found this information about a new Australian start-up operating in the hyperlocal space: Streetadvisor. More info in the Tomorrow’s Playgroung blog:

Streetadvisor allows you to enter your (or someone elses) street address (throughout 26 countries). As a browser you can view information (personal information – not a travel book’s opinion) about the street and the surrounding area. As a participant you can review your street/suburb across a 5 point characteristic scale.

– StreetVIBE
– StreetWIRED
– StreetHEALTH
– StreetVALUE

The site makes use of Google mapping to pin point locations.

What it means: I like the fact that you can search by street instead of neighborhood or city. A lot of commercial activities happen around very specific streets in a major cities and that’s usually an interesting way of identifying an undefined neighborhood. I like also the way they are concentrating on very relevant hyperlocal content like “peace & quiet”, “cell phone reception”, “traffic” and “parks & recreationals”. Now, StreetAdvisor faces the same problems all other local destination sites face: critical mass of content and monetization, but I like this first iteration.


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