YouTube Mobile: June 2007

Katie Fehrenbacher from GigaOM reports that YouTube’s mobile website will be available in June 2007 for US users and in May for European ones. The site will have 800 “editorial picks” video at the beginning in order to trial the service and gets some feedback. Their end goal is to launch a site with all the YouTube content.

She adds: “In response to my question if YouTube is developing a mobile client, the spokesperson said that the company had been talking about it, but had no information to share at this time. Check out a preview of the blocked mobile site or this demo site: which you can see from some mobile phones.”

What it means: in this new social media world, we often forget that a great way to consume media is through a mobile device. Knowing that many local search players are thinking of launching video ad products (or have done so recently), I think it would be interesting to think about a mobile interface when building the product.


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