Yahoo Also Hiring Technical Resources in Montreal

Following my post on Google opening an office in Montreal which generated a lot of buzz in the local blogosphere (thanks to Sylvain picking up the news), I was intrigued by one comment posted by Patrick Tanguay on Julien’s blog. Pat mentioned “Btw, Yahoo is also hiring slowly in Montréal and for much more content and community oriented stuff than the engineers Google is finding.”

Being the curious person that I am, I went to look at the Yahoo Inc. jobs section and found that they are also hiring technical resources in Montreal. They are looking for 3 “Natural Language Processing Researchers” to work in the NLP group in Yahoo’s Applied Research Lab. I can’t link directly to the jobs as it’s a dynamic database but I’m curious to know what this team will be doing!

BTW, isn’t Natural Language Processing the stuff that Delphes Technologies is doing?


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