Quote of the Day on the Potential of the Local Web

“Key to the development of a local online ad market is the identification of the local web, and this offers a remarkable opportunity for those willing to explore this territory today. In the not-too-distant future, everyone will have access to the local web, but this access is unavailable today, because the database hasn’t been created. It exists in bits and pieces, but no technology can replace the human research necessary to build the initial database. This is a task that will pay huge dividends to the one who creates it, market-by-market, and there’s no reason this can’t be done by a local media company.”

“The local web is where the web itself will find its real value propositions, and that’s enough to make a guy want to stick around for awhile.”

Exactly my thoughts!!! Have a nice weekend!

From Terry Heaton’s PoMo Blog, a beautiful article!


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