Quote of the Day: New Media, Same Old Story

Commenting on the Wired articles mentioned in this post, Mark Easley Sr. wrote to the magazine and said:

“The founders of YouTube put together a site that collects free content (tons of it illegal), then walk away with $1.65 billion. Meanwhile, the producers of Lonelygirl15 borrow money from their parents, and Lonelygirl herself is thrilled to get $500 a week as a “working actress.” (“You Tube vs. Boob Tube,” and “The Secret World of Lonelygirl,” issue 14.12.) It’s great to see that the “new media” treats the creative talent so much better than the old one did . There are plenty of boobs around this tube: the creative people donating their talents to this insane system, the creeps who illegally post others’ work, and the greedy geeks claiming “we can’t control what people do on our site.” I hope you enjoy your two-minute Lonelygirl clips — for what the Internet pays for creative, that is as good as it will get.”


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