Quote of the Day: The Strange Attractiveness of LonelyGirl15

Isn’t it amazing when a good writer is able to perfectly put into words something you’re feeling but can’t express? It just happened to me reading this Wired article on the LonelyGirl15 phenomenon (and no, I don’t have a crush on her!). 🙂

“There’s something about Jessica Rose that the webcam loves. Her distractingly large eyebrows and small round face are bent and stretched by the fish-eye lens into a morsel of beauty that fits perfectly in a pop-up window. That’s not to say she isn’t pretty off camera – she is – but every step she takes closer to the cam multiplies and enhances her looks. It’s a face made for the browser screen.”

To understand more about what’s going in the online video segment, I invite you to read these additional articles from Wired’s December issue:

  • The YouTube effect: TV advertising is broken, putting $67 billion up for grabs. Which explains why google spent a billion and change on an online video startup.”
  • Commercial Break: in a risky experiment, Chevrolet asked Web users to make their own video spots for the Tahoe. A case study in customer generated advertising.” (which I had already discussed here)




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