Praized (& Sebastien Provencher) Makes Canada’s 1% Blogging Army List

The Praized blog (and Sebastien Provencher) just made “Canada’s 1% Blogging Army” list found on Sean Moffitt’s Buzz Canuck blog.

Why the 1% name? Sean explains it as follows: “in every audience of 100 people, you find 80 people who pretty much stay to themselves, 20 percent who browse, consume and talk about things when asked, 10% who actively go out of their way to talk with others, investigate and have an intellectual curiosity (these people comment frequently on blogs) and then, a special 1% who create content, who lead opinion and who influence through their insight and collaboration with others. Within the broad marketing, communications, online, design, research, culture, media and business worlds, the list below represents Canada’s 1%. ”

Everyone at Praized is honoured to be present on that list having started the blog only 3 months ago. Thanks to all our readers!


3 thoughts on “Praized (& Sebastien Provencher) Makes Canada’s 1% Blogging Army List

  1. Seb

    Congratulations for this ranking….you deserve it since you are a true leader in your selective field…the Praized Blog made it to the few feeds populating my Google personalized home page, and will stay there since , as we say in French, it became an “uncontournable” (= “a must read”)..


  2. Sebastien,

    Well deserved to be on the list — I think your blog has great ideas, interesting insight, peercprtibly strong command of your experise area and it looks good to boot with a strangely compelling logo (very subjective last comment).

    Hoepfully when I’m in Montreal next we can grab a cafe and you can share with me some of your pearls of wisdom. Local 2.0 is a very compellling niche that interests me quite a bit.

    Cheers…and spread the word,

    Sean Moffitt – aka the Buzz Canuck

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