Meta-Praized: YouTube Arrest, MySpace & Google, AdGridWork, Pixelotto, Google Click Fraud, James Kim, Jaman, Wall Street Journal, The Venice Project

Meta-Praized is a collection of links & stories we’ve dugg on in the last 7 days. Feel free to add us as a friend: PraizedDotCom .

  • “Police track reckless driver on YouTube” via the Associated Press on Yahoo News
  • “ Now Featuring Google Search” via Search Engine Journal
  • AdGridWork, the “First Free Targeted Ad Network” on their corporate Web site
  • “Million Dollar Homepage Becomes Multi-Million Dollar Homepage (Pixelotto)” via TechCrunch
  • “The Vanishing Click-Fraud Case” via Business Week
  • “Have Camera Phone? Yahoo and Reuters Want You to Work for Their News Service” via the New York Times
  • “Jaman – A New Global Movie Download Service” via
  • “James Kim found deceased” via Cnet’s
  • “James Kim Saga Tracked by Millions; MSNBC sets Record: 1 Million Page Views” via San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Wall Street Journal Gets Face-Lift: Smaller, Tighter, More Colorful” via MediaPost
  • “Kazaa Founder Takes On Network TV (The Venice Project)” via USA Today

Harry adds: About the Venice Project, two thoughts: 1) it’s about video + ads… hey! didn’t Google just buy YouTube?, 2) lots of very large ISPs are cableco’s with cash cow TV distribution businesses… no, they won’t block the Venice Project packets, but they will cripple them. It’s called packet shaping.


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