BBC Launches User-Generated News Show

Michael Geist blogs about the launch of a user-generated news show at BBC News 24

According to this article, “Your News, which began a pilot run on Saturday, will feature stories, features and video proving most popular with viewers on TV and the internet. Presented by Richard Bilton and Laura Jones, the show will contain weekly features that will look at news reports covering issues raised by members of the public (called Your Story) and a section where reporters try to find answers to questions sent in to the BBC by the public (Your Questions).”

It seems like the BBC Web site receives 10,000 suggestion/comment e-mails a day.

What it means: what might seem like “garbage” to one company (what do we do with these 10,000 e-mails we’re getting, they’re a pain!) is gold for the BBC. I’m sure they saw all this submitted content sitting there and figured out a way to leverage it. Very smart! So, are you sitting on “garbage” that could be turned into gold?


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