Meta-Praized: Widget Live!, Google Checkout, TV Networks, Google Earth, Newspapers, Google Maps Second Life

Meta-Praized is a collection of links we’ve dugg on in the last 7 days. Feel free to add us as a friend: PraizedDotCom .

  • A summary of the Widget Live! conference on the Somewhat Frank blog
  • “Google Checkout Rolling Out Features and Waiving Fees” on Techcrunch
  • “TV Networks Need to Wake Up Before Video Boom Leaves Them With Dead Air” on DigitalJournal
  • A glance into the crystal ball hints at a future without 800-numbers” in the USA Today
  • Google Earth adds historical maps on the ZDNet blog
  • Study: Users Prefer Moderated Sites” on MediaPost (registration required)
  • Google adds Skype to Google Pack on the Google Pack page
  • “What if online portals had nothing but ‘digital fish wrap’?” in the opinion pages of the San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Google introduces Click-to-call in Google Maps in the US in Google’s blog
  • “Bubbleshare bought by News Corp.” in the OneDegree blog
  • “Second Life faces threat to its virtual economy” in Cnet’s

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