craigslist photolist

listpic_craigslist.jpgMy day job is design blogger, so I get lots of email related to design resources. This week I got an email from Ryan (thx!) about craigslist and listpic. craigslist is a popular network for urban classified ads on the web, listpic (not affiliated with craigslist) allows you to navigate craigslist classifieds using images. Check out furniture in San Francisco here. As you can see, it’s a fast and easy way to navigate through stuff for sale.

What it means: Lots of things on many levels, 1) craigslist has an ecosystem, people building applications to enhance the craigslist experience (a bit like PayPal and Ebay in the early days), 2) selling and buying stuff online just got easier yet again, 3) classified ads are being reinvented by the minute, there’s still room for innovation in a space that’s already well served.


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