User-Generated Advertising: a New Tool for Brand Marketers

tahoe_ad_debacle1.jpgI’ve started reading about user-generated advertising, a new form of brand communication where consumers create new ads (usually video) or re-mix existing ad material that promote one’s brand. The only exposure I had had to the phenomenon was the Chevy Tahoe debacle. Chevrolet had launched a site that allowed users to insert their own words on top of existing video material and create a personalized 30-second commercial for the 2007 Tahoe. They ended up with things like this. Ouch!

Now, I read in Clickz that a company called Vitrue has released a platform that allows companies to manage user-generated advertising effectively and safely. “The idea behind the Atlanta-based company isn’t just to make it easier for marketers to call consumers to action but also to protect their brands using what little control they have left online: their brand sites.” Consumers can upload their own videos or use a tool called AdMixer which allows remixes of approved brand material. To avoid being Chevy Taho’ed, there is an editorial function to approve or not the submitted videos. Approved videos appear on the brand site and on Vitrue’s video portal,

Current customers include:

What it means: brilliant idea! Traditional brands need help in mastering the user-generated beast and launching a B2B platform to help with user-generated video ads is sound business.

Harry – What it also means: ad agencies will have an even tougher time on the web…


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