Digg in discussions with News Corp for potential acquisition

digg_acquisition_dance.jpgAccording to TechCrunch, Digg.com is in acquisition talks with News Corp. It seems like they’re asking $150M for the company but sources say they won’t be able to get it. Rumour has it that they will go to a second round of financing with GreyLock Partners (who have also investments in Farecast, Oodle, LinkedIn and Facebook among other things).

By the way, I am also completely addicted to Digg.com. It’s a great way to track new trends. If you want to see what the Praized team think is cool on the Web, we’re using the PraizedDotCom alias in Digg. Please feel free to add us to your friends’ list.

Update: “Digg’s Adelson Brushes Off Acquisition Rumors“.  Erick Schonfeld from Business 2.0 magazine asked him:  “…under what circumstances would he sell Digg to a larger entity. He said he would only consider it if he believed that a larger company could do more to democratize media than Digg could on its own.”


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