Sylvain Carle

Sylvain Carle dwells in emerging technologies, he has been on the bleeding edge of new media and networked applications for more than 10 years. Communications tools, XML web services, digital media and Free Software, Open source and open standards are amongst his core expertises.

He has conceptualized, developed and managed more than 50 major internet projects, from elearning and kids games to social software and heavy-duty ecommerce applications.

He was schooled in Montreal’s first multimedia school, ICARI, where he obtained  his diplomas in computer graphics for print and multimedia programming and digital video editing in 1993.  Since finding that he could type in “www” in the console on the SGIs at school and later discovering that Gopher and Mosaic alson ran on the Mac Quadra 660AV, right alongside After Effects and Director, he has been permanently hooked on the net. On good days, you can fin d his blog on the #1 spot on Google just by typing his first name…
He recently was VP interactive media solutions at LVL Studio after merging his consulting company, the interstructure group, wihtin LVL. He was previously CTO at Messagia, managing software development and infrastructure. He did a one year stint in silicon valley in 1999-2000 to work as a high level consultant for several dot com startups. If we trace back his history back to before the first internet bubble, he was then project manager and technical architect at Public Technologie Multimedia as well as product manage of My Virtual Model, where he worked on major accounts and team lead.

He was on FACIL‘s (collective appropriation of free software) board for two years after he helped it’s creation. He was also a founding member of W3Québec for the promotion of web best practices and standards. He stills is on the boards of both CAUCE Canada (antispam coalition) and Atwater Library’s digital literacy project. He writes for several industry newsletters and has been blogging for 6 years at


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